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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Two years later

Before going to Humber, I applied for a job I really wanted and didn't get it (don't look for much; there's only a passing reference).

I applied for it again this year. It's the Editor in Chief position at the campus paper of the university I got my degree at. Year long contract, some benefits, full-time.

They advertised the position. I submitted a resume, cover letter and portfolio. They asked me for a first interview. I went and did well. They asked me back for a second interview. It was tonight.

I wanted the job a lot.

Wanted it so bad, in fact, that I didn't tell my parents or most of my friends about it so that if I didn't get it I wouldn't have to answer a hundred iterations of "So, get the job?"

Turns out I didn't have to worry.

All is going according to plan (see principle six).

Sweet ass! This is fantastic (though really I knew there was never any doubt).

Congrats my friend. I call dibs on next year's job.

Congratulations, Aaron! You'll be fantastic.

Thank you both!

hey congrats! I know you'll make a great paper! Maybe I'll actully get to hear from you from time to time now :P No worries! Rock the casbah!

Congrats. (sorry, I'm kinda out of the loop. I don't even know what's happening with Christa, let alone her boyfriend)

Funny how you kept this away from the people you know. Wish I could do that for Medschool. The bloody the application asked for verifiers, so I will have to tell 33 people that "I got all rejection letters."

No need for consolation.

I will try again.

And one of these days I will learn to proofread. >_<

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