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Friday, December 09, 2005 

Almost there

Despite all the snow, the drive into the city from the boonies was uneventful. Though I did pass a propane truck getting pulled out of the ditch.

I decided to contact only three of my six sources for new comment on the Homolka story. These three are the working journalists of the people I talked to, so getting a hold of them is a matter of persistence.

I've got comment from two of the three and am having fun getting a hold of the third.

So today is about writing the new stuff into the old stuff.

Then tonight I'm picking up Christa in Brampton and she's going to spend the weekend hiding and studying for the three exams she has next Monday and Tuesday. You might wonder why she's coming at all. Sunday she will be joining my family as we tramp around a bush looking for the perfect tree to kill, decorate and display for Christmas. Then I'll be driving her to Guelph in the afternoon.

Enough procrastination for now. Better get back to the article.