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Friday, December 02, 2005 


There goes my head again. Watch out for skull fragments.

I wish I could say this was writer's block. It's so much worse.

For the last 48 hours I've had the article rotating in the background of my brain like the 3D schematic of a fortress on a computer screen. I can't fucking find my way in again, even though I built the damn thing.

if movies have taught me anything... try listening to "Born in the USA" over and over again.... REALLY loud.. that should stir the pot in ther ea little :p

after that... just stop trying. like most human problems, we make them worse by either worrying or trying too hard...

when you do both, it's impossible to be creative...

put your pen down, and just walk away for a bit.

I've somehow missed the development in the Holmoka stuff that's fubared you. Details?

Also, could you turn the RSS feed back on, please?

Kyle: That is good advice.

Ian: They've thrown out every single restriction on her freedom that was imposed before she was released from prison. This could change every source's opinion about how much she should be covered. So I'll be contacting all of them again and rewriting as appropriate.

Ian: I did turn it back on. I think. It doesn't actually refer to "RSS", does it? Just 'site feed'?

RSS = Really Simple Syndication = Site Feed

it works for me, Ian... here's the URL


Well, when I previewed the feed just before posting the request for you to turn it back on it wasn't showing any posts after "Crime & related links" back in November. When I previewed it now I got everything up to and including this post. I did exactly the same thing each time.

No, I have no idea why it would do that either.

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