Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Where'd all the time go?

I spent birthday money on the two-disc deluxe edition of Batman Begins today and spent the rest of the evening watching special features. When we left the store Christa said I looked like a kid on Christmas morning. I love that movie.

It's been a long time since I posted and yada yada yada. Bottom line: I'm busy.

I don't have an internship yet, but that's okay. One will appear soon. In the meantime, I have more than enough to do. School's much better this year. We're putting out two magazines, one on college sports and the other on media. I'm managing editor for the first and am writing a feature for the second. The feature article is about the ethics behind all the Karla Homolka coverage this summer and is going well. I can't remember the last time I wanted to work on something as much as this article.

Aside from magazine, I have media law and chase producing. Everybody seems to hate media law since they find it boring. It's full of things I need to know, so I like it. Chase producing probably requires a little explanation. A chase producer is the person who finds people to answer questions on air on the news. They have to be able to find an expert in any given field and get them on the air quickly, sometimes in as little as a few minutes. In this class, one of the CBC's chase producers is teaching us how to do what she does. Again, nobody seems to like this class but me. And Jer.

I work every weekend at a small factory that supplies the plant I worked at this summer with suspension modules. My sister and one of my cousins also work there. It's a bit of a struggle to convince people that I'm the older one. One guy swore I didn't look a day over 17. Another spent most of a shift thinking I was 19. Neither would believe that I'm actually 25. Maybe it would have been easier if I'd pointed out the grey hairs sprouting from the sides of my head. Then again, maybe not.

The rest of the time (which isn't enough) I spend with Christa.

All of this means that I've become a truly shitty friend. My list of people to catch up with includes:
Shannon C. (haven't seen in more than seven months),
Brian (five months?),
Chris (a year?),
Steph (a year?),
Taylor (a year),
Shannon H. (four months?),
Ian (a few weeks),
Claire (10 months?),
Shokes (10 months?),
Caitlin (a year and a half?)...

The list goes on far too long and is filled with people who live more than an hour away from me. Which is a reason, but not an excuse.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 


Ian linked to a very short Batman comic that he found on someone's live journal, which I thought was great.


Isn't this fun

After a big loss on same-sex marriage last spring, the Conservatives are hoping for a comeback with crime as their new issue to clobber the Liberals with in the fall session of the Commons.
-Law Times

Here's an interesting bit of commentary on happenings on the Hill. I think I need to learn more about this Randy White guy.

Monday, October 03, 2005 

Legal opium field?

Afghanistan could reduce its enormous heroin trade by licensing an opium crop to produce medical morphine for export, a drug policy group said Monday, but the United Nations dismissed the idea as unlikely to work.

This would be an interesting thing to try. Too bad they're not.


5 things about gun control laws

If there is any doubt at all that gun control doesn't work, one only needs to look as far as New Orleans for proof... Criminals will attain weapons regardless of what the law says...
-Hernando Today, Online Edition

1. Yes, criminals will get a hold of guns if they want them. As in many cases, as long as there's a demand, there'll be someone there to supply it.
2. Statistically few gun deaths are homicides.
3. A large number of gun deaths are suicides. One of gun control's many aims is to curb suicide deaths by making guns less accessible to the average person.
4. A very large number of gun deaths are accidents. Gun control laws - in Canada, at least - help curb these numbers through educating gun owners and decreasing their number.
5. Another goal of gun control laws are to make the lawful firearms in households harder to get at. This is important in domestic disputes.