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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

New addition

Now, I know that if Brian checks in here before he returns from China he is looking for things to be the same. Comforting. My apologies.

Christa and I have a cat.

She had wanted a cat since she was little, but now was the first time she was able. For the last month or so we had visited the Humane Society looking for the right one. Last week we found her.

She's a year old. She's mostly white, with 'dilute calico' colouring. This means she has washed out orange and grey colouring around her head and tail. She's also got a grey smudge across her nose.

We'd seen her before, but last week was when we knew she was the one.

Christa put in her application and within a day we had word back that she was ours as soon as we could pick her up.

We did that Monday. Even in the midst of Frosh Guide production. It might take a former editor in chief to understand the significance of that.

She was originally a stray and has been in the shelter a few months ago. Her name is Hannah and they said they were happy we wanted her since few people had actually looked at her. She was very affectionate in her 'cage' at the shelter, but very shy outside of it. When we brought her home, she stayed under our bed for the first several hours.

I'm convinced she thought of it as her new cage - safe inside, uncertain outside.

Within a few hours her cage boundaries had extended out to include the whole bedroom. An hour later she made it as far as the kitchen door before retreating under the bed. By bedtime she had explored the entire apartment. She now seems completely comfortable - though the odd noise scares her and sends her into the bedroom.

Right now she's curled sleeping on the big chair.