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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Resolute use of power

Saturday morning I woke up from a series of strange dreams.

In one, I sat at a table in a restaurant with two asian men. We all wore tuxedos and they spoke perfect English despite having grown up in their country of origin. We had just observed a leader behaving childishly.

One of the men was talking to me about the proper conduct of a leader. Specifically, we were talking about the resolute use of power. To demonstrate a concept that could not be explained with words, he used a martial arts technique as a mode of communication rather than violence.

The bartender thought this man was trying to hurt me. He appeared from behind the bar with a revolver in hand and shot the man I was communicating with. Without a word or sign of pain or fear, the man who was shot turned, fixed his gaze on the bartender and threw a steak knife at him before being shot dead.

The other man at the table turned to me and said something along the lines of, "Do you understand what he was saying now?" Then he turned and killed the bartender with a single movement.

I stood and walked away.

I have fucked up dreams.

Read Borges.

He's on my list, but why does this post make you say that?

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