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Friday, October 22, 2004 

Lazy and almost grumpy

As Shannon drove Jer and I home from school this afternoon I realized I was in the kind of mood where I wanted to drink myself into a stupor.

Nothing was wrong. Nothing bad had happened. I was just feeling sleepy and lazy and like oblivion mightn't be such a bad thing.

I even thought about starting the drinking once I got in the door and continuing until I fell asleep.

Thankfully, I realized that it was oblivion I was really craving and not actually a drunken stupor.

So instead of pouring myself something to drink, I poured myself into bed and took a quick nap that turned into a three hour sleep.

I guess it's not really surprising that it feels like Sunday now. I regularly get that much sleep in a night.

So I woke up at 6 p.m., wandered bleary eyed from my room and found a note from Jer saying he was at Brian's.

Still largely unable to think in complete thoughts, I flipped on the computer. Checked my email and found nothing from Christa. Logged into MSN. Read blogs. Fired a quick message at Shannon from Humber to see if she'd gone home for the weekend yet. Read that Brian has an upcoming job interview.

At some point, the synapses started firing in sequence and I got up to call Brian. We talked some, I told him I had some stuff to do, but if I finished it up in good time I might stop by later.

I wandered back to the computer and found that Shannon hadn't yet left for the weekend. We talked some, she disappeared for the weekend and I debated getting up to do the two remaining things on my list. Shannon from Guelph growled at me, sending an MSN message of "grrr." I hadn't talked to her for a while, so we chatted some. Then she had to go.

I yawned and thought some more about getting up to do stuff. I could be done in a few hours if I wanted. All I have left to do today is get some exercise and cook. I'm up to sixty storeys of stair running and fifty full sit-ups and far less super strict pushups than satisfies me. And I'm planning on cooking some tandoori chicken.

Instead, I logged into Blogger, started a new entry and typed "Lazy and almost grumpy."

Then I got an MSN message from Christa.

At least I'm procrastinating by doing worthwhile things.