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Friday, June 02, 2006 

News scan, June 2

Kenya's president has decided to provide free AIDS medication.

Texas plans to stream surveillance footage of its border with Mexico over the Internet so that civilians can watch for and report illegal border crossings. The plan will cost $5 million and will cover parts of the border known to be used frequently by illegal immigrants. Civilian watchers will be able to call a number free of charge to report crossings.

South Africa's Security Minister Charles Nqakula to parliament: "It is extremely disappointing to note that South African gun owners over the last three years lost 50,864 firearms."

US and Israeli researchers have found carbonised figs that may be as old as 11,400 years. They believe these figs may mark the point humans started farming.

A hockey-loving macaque named Maggie has been predicting game winners in the playoffs.

The 30,000 employees of the Toronto public school board will be given a voluntary survey Monday which will ask for their sexual identity and ethnicity. The board says they're trying to make sure their hiring practices are fair.