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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 

The results are in

Red Bull is scary.

The sugar free stuff tastes awful, which is why Shannon was so willing to part with it. It is also wonderfully effective.

I commented on it while Jer, Shannon and I were waiting for the bus about an hour ago.

She started to say something, looked at me, noticed I was bouncing up and down on my toes, smiled and said, "You're still bouncing off the walls from it, aren't you?"

Still going up and down, I grinned and nodded.

I drank the can at about 10 a.m.

Can't wait to see what the kind with sugar does to me.

Err, is this really a good idea?

Ian (from work)

I know people who can't get through a morning without multiple cups of coffee. Today I had one can of Red Bull. And the stuff is so expensive that I'm not going to be drinking it regularly. As for pop, keep in mind I've not drank any type of pop on a regular basis since highschool. So when I say Coca Cola is keeping me awake, I'm talking about the effects of two cans.

But having said all that... No, it's likely not a good idea. I'm a little tired of good ideas, so this is refreshing. I'll tire of it eventually, but will have fun in the meantime.

coffee? did somebody say coffee??? just had my first coffee in over a week. forgot how precious that stuff is. at least coffee, minus the caffeine, has things in it that are good for you. pop is just sugar and water and caffeine. so really, coffee is a better idea than super caffeinated carbonated beverages full of sugar. but since we're doing away with good ideas, drink up!

Never try Red Bull with any kind of booze. I personally haven't, because I dislike the taste of Red Bull without liquor, but I've heard it's bad news. Red Bull really speeds up your system (as you can attest) and alcohol slows it down. A few of my girl friends have tried it and said it was the worst drunk they've ever had. Almost like they had taken some kind of hallucinagenic drug. Not cool.

So yeah, Red Bull is bad, especially for someone so naturally hyper like myself.

me I can't drink anything that tastes bad, even for the sake of staying awake. Hence my complete avodiance of coffee (yucka). What exactly does Red Bull taste like? Is it fizzy? Maybe I oughta give it a chance seeing that I yawn all the time no matter how much I sleep-Cait

I agree with Dan.. Red Bull and booze = bad news..

Although I've never actually verified this fact, I've been told that doing so can actually lead to a heart attack because of the reasons Dan mentioned...

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