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Thursday, November 04, 2004 

What actually happened

Everybody came back.

Shannon and Dave volunteered to write the story. The people who interviewed the bus drivers, the owner of the dog's dad and brother (the owner was at work), and others typed up their notes and gave them to Shannon and Dave.

Each was to write a copy of the story and email it to our instructor Ken on Saturday. He would edit them into one piece. It would go into the Humber student paper under a pseudonym meant to mean our class. He also suggested they try selling their pieces to local papers.

The Etobicoke Guardian wants a look at Shannon's. I just edited it and she's sent it off.

Here's what happened.

A woman was walking her dog. A pit-bull escaped from its yard and attacked the dog. Two bus drivers stopped it. Both dogs seem to be okay.

For anything more, you'd have to read Shannon's piece. Which is quite good.

Damn, I miss being an editor. Which surprises the hell out of me.

How exactly am I supposed to read that article?

Ian (at work)

By being patient and waiting for me to post a link to the article on the Guardian site when it goes up. If they have space for it.

This would be an example of a detail that I meant to include and didn't.

Oops. I'm a dork. Shannon never used the word "sold", but I just assumed. The Guardian wanted to see her piece. I've edited this post to reflect that. As far as I know they haven't made a decision yet.

And now that I think of it, there isn't much more to the story (except for attributions and quotes) than what I summarized near the end of this post. Except that a fine was levied and the pit-bull owner paid the medical fees of the other dog.

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