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Saturday, November 13, 2004 

Go for it

(N.B.: I've stolen this from Caitlin's LJ.)

Ask me anything you like and I'll answer. Don't put too much thought into it. Just ask. Now.

Actually, one topic is off limits. My "love life." It's in limbo. Leave it alone.

Now ask away.

I, personally, have always been quite enamored with the idea of living in Toronto. In fact, I fully plan on moving back to my city of origin once I'm done university.

When you were in the process of moving to Guelph to the T Dot, you talked about the ups and downs of living in Canada's biggest city.

And, unless I'm mistaken, you recently said that you didn't mind it after all, even though you had serious doubts originally. So, my question is, what are some of the downfalls of Toronto that you've been suffering since you've moved?

Before moving here, I was scared that I would come to love it. I have, and I really haven't taken advantage of all it has to offer yet.

I could write a lot about the great things about living here, but it's taken a little effort to think of the downfalls.

I don't see my family as much as I used to. I don't have a car and this makes getting out of the city to visit my family a bit of a pain. I have to lug my junk through the subway to Union and hop a bus for an hour to Brampton and meet my mom there to drive another hour up to my parents' place. All the effort that goes into a two day visit means that a lot of time passes between each visit. And my parents' don't even live that far from the city.

I still find it hard to pass homeless people on the streets on the way back to my warm apartment. This might change. I don't think I want it to.

I feel really disconnected from the non-human world. With concrete under your feet and light pollution separating you from the stars, it's sometimes difficult to remember that this isn't all there is. Granted, I don't take advantage of the parks, so this might be something I'm suffering simply because I'm lazy.

That's really all that I can think of. Everything else that bothered me doesn't any more. You get used to the noise. You figure out the transit system. You learn the layout of the city. You learn to ignore the crushing sense of humanity pressing in on all sides. You meet people and spend time with them.

Well I dunno if this is fair since you didn't ask me a question even though you punked this from my journal heh. Hmmm okay I got three questions:

1. What would be your dream job?
2. What celbrity would you like to date?
3. What would be your ideal super power?


Sorry Cait, I'll think up a question or two and pay back the favour.

1. I don't think my dream job exists. If I could mash freelance journalist, social worker, public school teacher, novelist, and professional cottage dweller into one career, that'd be it though.

2. I'd date Kate Beckinsale or Keira Knightley.

3. My ideal super power would be healing. As in, I'd be able to heal others.

I flew over New York last week, Toronto bothers me, New York gives me vertigo like nothing else. If you want to feel the weight of humanity fly over a large city at night. Lights from horizon to horizon is disturbing.


I'm not sure I could take it. My brain might just crash.

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