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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 

I forgot how they taste

In magazine class yesterday I decided to indulge a craving.

The craving had been there since Monday night when I finished my workout. I pushed hard on the stairs, sprinting the last three of 60 storeys. Maybe too hard. After finishing the workout, my hands shook for a long time after I showered and stared frowning into the fridge.

I wanted red meat and it wasn't there.

It not being there was no surprise, but wanting it was.

For three years I avoided it and now the mere thought of it was making my mouth water.

So after magazine class I dragged Shannon through the school with me to Harvey's and picked up a hamburger and fries. She got grilled chicken on a bun. We took them back to the caf and found our regular group.

I unwrapped the burger and bit into it as Shannon ate my burnt fries.

Few burgers have ever tasted so good to me.