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Tuesday, June 01, 2004 

MSN is a coconut shell monkey trap

Materials required for a coconut shell monkey trap: a coconut shell, a chain, a stake on the ground and a handfull of rice.

Cut the top off a cocunut shell. hollow it out. Attach the shell to the chain and the chain to the stake. Put the handfull of rice into the shell. Wait for the monkey to reach in to grab the rice.

In grabbing the rice the monkey must make a fist which makes it impossible to remove the hand from the shell. But the monkey is stubborn and will not let go of the rice. Even when he sees you coming.

So he is captured.

I'm the monkey, my friends are the rice, the computer is the stake and msn is the trap.

After explaining all this to Natalie, she had four words for me. They're words I've heard over and over again since I could talk and thus share my thoughts.

"You think too much."