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Friday, May 21, 2004 

Dawn is gorgeous

Even when you see it from the wrong side of the day at work.

I started work this week in the mailroom at the Guelph Mercury. Not journalism, but it'll pay the rent and stock the bank account for when I go off to j-school in the fall. And surround me with reminders of why I'm there.

Wednesday night I was stuffing flyers and crap into newspapers. Last night I was sorting bundles of flyers, taking the Woolwich Observer off of the quarter folder in stacks of 25 (called 'flying'), and flying the Merc off the insertion machine (a machine that inserts flyers into the paper). My hands are now stained with newspaper ink.

I got off work at 7am. Exhausted and sore. Did Gordon hill the bad way on my bike to get home. Staggered in the house. Decided to check my email and write this before showering and going to bed. Read an email from Christa and smiled a real smile for the first time in nearly twelve hours.