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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Recent blog use

I'm starting a new blog. Not today or tomorrow, but in the next few weeks.

One of the elements of the blog will be a rundown of the top justice headlines of the day. That's what the last week and a half has been about; I'm working out a system for searching, selecting and categorizing these stories.

The blog itself will be about understanding crime.

There are two elements that I know I'll have for sure:

1. The justice headline links mentioned above. They'll be from across Canada and will avoid the crime stories, which already get enough play. I'll link to news stories, opinion pieces, editorials and features that focus in some way on the question of what to do with crime (or what's being done). I won't agree with everything I link to. But I'll link to it because I think it's important to know what people are saying and writing about what to do with crime.

2. Regular short to medium length articles that talk about recent and classic academic studies of crime in conversational language. My goal there is to start covering the science of criminology on a small scale.

It will be a public blog (meaning it will show up on Google searches). I'm still developing the idea and haven't written all the plans down here (so you shouldn't assume that because I haven't talked about something that I haven't thought about it).

Check this space for updates.

Absolutely fabulous idea. Make this happen. If I can help, I will.

What the huge one said.

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